Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wild and Wonderful

West Virginia hasnt been too bad of a ride so far but I have a day or two until I hit the Apalachians. Coincidently, I have two days until I hit another riding break.

Yesterday was a cool day. On my way to Charleston I met a tourist going the opposite direction. He was a cool guy and we talked for a while. His name was Max and he was on a summer trip across the midwest.

The second tourist I have met.

Once I arrived in Charleston I was greeted by a Soldier's Angel and a reporter she had arranged to be there. After the interview and pictures, I put my bike in the room and we ate Indian food and walked around a bit. Unfortunately, I arrived too late in the day to visit the local museums. It was a bit of a hassel getting my bike into the elevator of the hotel too. I actually had to stand it upright on one wheel.

Kim and Me. If you would prefer I not use the picture, let me know. This is also one of the first pictures of my bike with the traditional tourist set up. I miss the tri-bag setup but I had to change it out. One of the brackets was bending. More on that on a separate blog.

The Eyes are the window to the soul

To be honest I dont know the day or date most of the time. I think I have been riding for three weeks. All I know is I cant wait to reach Grover's Mill, New Jersey. I would say I am more excited about that than any other destination




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  1. Hope your riding goes well this weekend, John!