Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lazy Days

Today is the first day I have not ridden since I left San Antonio, May 7. It has been an interesting feeling. The day has been spent eating, sleeping, internetting, and a doing a bit of productive things.

I woke up to the pitter patter of rain. My rainfly kept everything dry but it reminded me that I had to buy a tarp. If a heavy rain occurs, that would bleed throuh the rainfly and soak everything.

I walked to the camp store and I had to explain to the concerned proprietor that everything was dry but my purchase was just a precaution. I like to be prepared for all situations.

Once I woke up for the second time I cleaned my bike drivetrain, which was desperately needed, and ate breakfast. I also called a reporter that drove out for a newspaper interview. I must take this time to thank the camp worker for helping set that up.

I ended up falling asleep two more times before making dinner and taking a shower.

It has been very relaxing but it is strange knowing that my bike has moved not ten feet the entire day. I took a personal oath to not ride until tomorrow morning so my riding muscles can rest.

Here are a few picture I have taken in West Virgina. The river was on the ride here and the butterfly and flowers are here at the Broken Wheel Campground

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  1. Glad you're taking some time to rest. Nice pictures. By the way, it's June 1.