Sunday, June 6, 2010

Appalachians and Malfuntions

I am finally able to upload this. I have been trying for quite some time but have obviously been unsuccessful.

The Appalachians were anti-climactic. When I would tell people of my intended route three things occurred. They would become moon-eyed. They would shift in position. They would say something to the effect of "Good Luck," "Those are some tough climbs," etc. I was expecting something that would nearly stop me in my tracks and reduce me to a quivering mass of a man. It was quite the opposite. Yeah there were 3 or 4 mile uphill climbs but there were descents that were just as long.

The highest ascent.

Not sure if I should be scared or excited.

It wasn't until after the Appalachians that I was truly tested. Outside of Elkins, WV I had to endure an 8 mile uphill climb. I was yelling and frustrated after about 2 miles but I knew that deep down, I loved it. The challenge was incredible and very satisfying.

I was nearly caught in a heavy storm. When I saw these clouds I thought it best to seek cover. Sheet-like rain started pouring literally 30 seconds later. You cant see them but there are actually mountains behind those clouds.

Shortly before reaching my destination my bike decided to become a fixie, constantly spinning the pedals, lest the chain break. This forced me to come up with a very interesting downhill riding position.

Even though it looks like I am, I am not sitting on the ground. This picture was taken sitting on my bike going downhill at speeds upward of 37 miles an hour. With my pedals acting up I had to pull my legs up on top of the crossbar.

After about 40 miles, the bike straightened out and I was able to make the ride into DC and have it fixed. At least I think its fixed. It acted up a bit today but that could have been circumstantial.

I'm currently in DC and will be blogging about that tomorrow (hopefully) but I just wanted to give an account of the Appalachians and whatnot.

All is still on schedule.


  1. Kept trying to post a comment but kept getting a message that blogger was down. Could be why you were having trouble posting. Anyway, some people would say that you have to be a little bit crazy to go downhill at a high speed with your legs on top of the crossbar. At least that was my first reaction upon reading your blog. Then I thought, it's just part of being young and fancy free. Be careful and take care. Really enjoyed reading this blog. I liked your vlog but it was a bit too dark and really couldn't see you. Or maybe you've just gotten that dark :D

  2. Boo, I just noticed that as soon as I posted the latest comment, the other comments I had tried to post were posted. I tried to delete them but it wouldn't let me. :(

  3. Wont let me delete them either. Sorry.