Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I think you did the wrong dance

I didnt see a Pennsylvania sign.

One month on the road and my luck finally ran out.

I left Baltimore early this morning and those people love their horns. My host said they wold honk if they saw me on their way to work, I thought she passed me nearly 20 times.

Baltimore Sunset

I managed to ride 26 miles before a heavy drizzle started to fall so I stopped at an American Legion to try to wait it out and eat lunch. That drizzle turned into rain and after a little over a hour I decided that I couldnt waste any more time.

I covered my bags, suited up and rode in the rain for the first time on this ride. This is not the first time I have suited up but the previous two times it was just a heavy drizzle. I ended up riding about 40 miles in the rain, crossed into Pennsylvania.

Riding isn't easy with eyes closed.

It wasnt a bad experience but I would prefer experiencing that as little as possible. My feet were soaked for about 6 hours and I actualy had to hold my brakes going downhill to make sure my bike didnt slip out from under me.

For a brief synopsis of my stay in DC visit watch the vlog.

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