Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Fisher House Is

For those not greatly familiar with Fisher House or dont know about Fisher House at all here is a brief interview with Russ, assistant manager of Fisher House Fort Sam Houston.

This was initially supposed to be a youtube video with the manager of the Boston Fisher House but time was short and we were unable to do it.

1. What does Fisher House do?

Fisher Houses provide a home away from home for family of injured or sick military members and their authorized dependents receiving treatment at a medical facility. Patients recover more quickly and completely when family members are here to support. As Mr. Fisher said, "Family is the best medicine".

2. How many families have Fisher House helped since its inception?

How many families served since inception?

Over 11,000 saving them over $15 Million in lodging costs plus savings on food and transportation costs..

3. How long can a family stay at a Fisher House?

As long as necessary. The longest stay we have had at our Fisher House (Fort Sam Houston) was 668 days. Don't know if any other Fisher House has a longer stay.

4. What fees do families pay at Fisher Houses?


5. How many Fisher Houses exist?

Currently there are 45 fisher Houses. Five more under construction and at least 12 more on the drawing boards.

6. How does Fisher House acquire funds for operation?

There are Army, Navy, Air Force and VA Fisher Houses. Fisher Houses rely on donations for their existence. I believe VA Fisher Houses receive funding but the rest of us rely on donations.

Russell T. Fritz
Assistant Manager
BAMC Fisher Houses

There you have it. The standard room includes a bed, television, alarm clock full bath room, iron/ironing board and computer. Sheets and towels are provided as well as cookware, tableware and laundry detergent. There is a house kitchen for cooking and free washer and dryers for laundry. I'm sure I'm leaving some stuff out. It is basically a home away from home.

Hopefully this clears up and misconceptions or provides a better understanding of the organization that I am riding on behalf of in order to raise money and awareness.

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