Monday, June 28, 2010

Philadelphia, America's Birthplace

Philadelphia has been 99% pleasant.


After dropping my gear off at my host house I headed into the heart of the city. I started exploring kind of late and didnt really have an objective so I didnt see much the first day. I did however see the Liberty Bell and Penn Landing. The rest of the day was spent riding around figuring forming a plan for the next day. It was very cool to see a cop pull someone over for blatently cutting me off while riding my bike. Quite surprising.

A different view of the Liberty Bell
Spider 1

I woke up very early (this would be my 4th day averaging 5 hours sleep) and went to pick up my ticket for Independence Hall. This day I was able to see Independence Hall, two other building on the property whose names escape me, and the Graft House where Jefferson wrote the declaration. At this point I decided to have lunch which consisted of a giant banana split and a phily cheesesteak, in that order.

Independence Hall


I then spent an hour or more at the Betsy Ross house, who is of course famous for sewing the first American Flag. I didnt think there would be much to interest me there but I was happily mistaken.

Betsy Ross House
Betsy Ross Plaza

After that my journey took me to the Rodin Museum which has some incredible sculptures. My first official day of exploration ended with the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Of course, I had to run up the famous steps that Rocky ran up in the movie. It was here that I finally realized I am not the runner I used to be.

Rodin' Thinker
The Thinker

Evil Eye
Evil Eye

What I though I would look like at the top.

What I really looked like.

The third day I slept in. There was a time when sleeping in meant waking up at 1 pm. Now it is waking up at 8:30. My final day in Philadelphia was primarily spent in the Ben Franklin Institute. I was there with one of my hosts and their child so we were there for quite a while using all the exhibits.

Philly's got heart.
Philly's got heart

And here I am at the end of my final day as minutes become hours and my time of departure creeps ever closer. I shall venture forth upon paths unknown to a new city and a new home.

True Freedom
Im Free

The one percent dissatisfaction was because my pricey airpump was stolen.

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  1. Great blog. Glad you had a good time. Sorry to hear your pricey air pump was stolen in the city of brotherly love.