Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Something unexpected

Im very tired so this will be a short one but I really wanted to share this.

My host in Richmond set up a place to stay for the following night in South Hill North Carolina. In an interesting turn of events my "host" was a comped room at the local Days Inn by an employee of said company.As she and I conversed over dinner about what Fisher House is and what they do, she became more interested in trying to support them as well.

She has spearheaded a campaign to show support for the Armed Forces before and was looking for a new project to express that appreciation even more. Things are still in the infancy of planning but I will keep in touch with her and she with Fisher House in order to put something together for Fisher House as a donation.

I am very happy to have been shifted here, as I was originally scheduled to be somewhere else that night. In my effort to raise money and AWARENESS, an unexpected donation of non-monetary value but still of high-importance may present itself.

This was something I never considered happening but I am honored to have served as muse for it.

If you would like to make a donation, click here.

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  1. Check on this link to our Facebook page.


    also go to www.easleychamber.org and look for August Chamber Notes. It is in our newspaper.