Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Orleans is a fantastic city. It has everything I love. I do believe the following picture perfectly sums it up.

Jazz Gumbo

The also had one of these. Something I think every city needs.

Every cities needs these

Of course being the birthplace of Jazz I had to take in some of the sounds. I came across a great jazz club on Bourbon Street.


Of course I gave a recap on Youtube and Im assuming that video was watched by those that read the blog. If you havent seen it, click the link below. There is one thing that I didnt elaborate on. My attendance to a city council meeting.

Cityt Hall

When I heard New Orleans doesnt have pedicabs I was very surprised. By coincidence, there was a meeting the day after my arrival in which the future of pedicabs in NOLA was to be decided. Being a pedicab operator in San Antoonio, I was eager to show my support. So the following day I went to the city council meeting and ended up speaking for a couple of minutes.

Being at the meeting was interesting. The main argument is pedicabs will take rides from the taxis and carriages. As an operator in a city that has all three institutions I can say this is not true. It was strange hearing the various excuses those opposed to pedicabs came up with. Some legitimate but exaggerated and others absurdly funny. My favorite was a man against pedicabs list health issues, to a panel of women mind you. He said helmets would be needed and since they would be shared that would be unsanitary because, "you know these long-haired girls be having head lice." Oh, the look on the women's faces was priceless.

At the end of the meeting the guy spear-heading the pedicab movement came up to me and said "That speech was incredible. I couldn't have written a better speech. You have some public speaker in you." The ordinance will now be passed on and then another meeting will be held in September. It feels great to think I helped pedicabs get approved in New Orleans.

A sign that sums up the beginning and end of this ride perfectly. The first and last major stops on this trip.
Street signs

Only a few days left.

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