Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here's the situation


The past few days have been a lot of fun and I feel very accomplished.

In Hershey, I was hosted by some great people and had some incredible food. I was also able to fulfill something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I went to Herhsey Park.


It was delicious, fun. I was surprised at how many rollercoasters they had there. I was able to ride all but one, but I hear that one isnt all that great. At least thats what I heard from the person I went with.

Hershey had some very cool coasters and we sat right up front on each one so the experience was that much better. Of course I had to buy a chocolate bar there and purchased a big Special Dark Hershey bar but forgot it at the house I was staying at. I remembered when I was about two blocks away but I was too far gone at that point. I have a strict no back-tracking policy, lest I be lost and need to because I took a wrong turn. Enjoy the candy bar you two, its in the freezer.

Chocolate World

Riding out I passed through Amish Country and saw Amish carriages, kids in straw hats and bonnets, and bearded men worthy of the name Ezekiel. That was a really cool sight to see. I had been waiting for that since Illinois.

Amish Carriage

Today, in New Jersey, was able to visit a sight that I have been very excited about. I have wanted to see this since I first heard about it years ago. In a small town called Grover's Mill lies a monument to The War Of The Worlds. I have been a fan of this book and HG Wells since I was a kid so I was more excited about visiting this place than New York. The only thing I regret is not recording a video there. Maybe on my return, if I pass through here again.

WOTW Monument 2 edit

I was met there by a nice couple that live nearby treated me to lunch. I hope I get to see them again on the "andback" portion of this ride. Perhaps I can treat them to lunch that time.

All in all, I have had a great week and hope that New York caps off the weekend proper. I just havent decided if I should have New York pizza or hot dogs first.


  1. Great blog. Try the hotdogs first, you're alway eating pizza. :D Enjoy your stay.

  2. By the way, is Monkey still with you? Just wondering.

  3. Always a great read. Remember the movie,"Fool's Rush In"? They spoke of a place called Grey's Papaya.. I have seen it mentioned in other movies and shows since then, I say try it out, just so you can say you did. So I second that, HOTDOGS first.