Sunday, June 20, 2010


It Sure Is 2

I made a video revealing some interesting things about me, in regard to the ride, but the lighting was horrendous so I took it down. Guess I should start watching them before I post. Or pick better spots. I will re-record the video and post it soon.

Boston, halfway.

It was a great stay, I had a lot of fun, and a lot of firsts. The first day was productive but no exploration was accomplished so I will skip forward to the second day.

While here I was able to ride some of the Freedom Trail but I was sidetracked by a Beatles tribute band. They were actually really good and I ended up watching them and making a meal out of free samples for nearly an hour.

The band's name was Beatle Juice
Beatle Juice

I was able to walk through Paul Revere's house and visit a very interesting cemetery. In addition to these excursions I went to Boston Common, the Public Garden and purchased some nifty and needed bike gear.

Revere's House
Revere's House

Cemetary in Boston

The first day of exploration ended with a dinner with a family I met through Soldier's Angels (all the Soldier's Angels people have been incredible) and they took me to eat fried seafood at a delicious restaurant called Seawitch*. After dinner, they took me to Salem, which I was very interested in seeing, for ice-cream. Salem had some great sights too and the history I heard about certain places there was fantastic. I was very glad to have met these people and seen these sights.
*No witches were present.

House of Seven Gables
House of Seven Gables

Statue in Salem
Witch Statue, not really

My second full day truly was a day of firsts. I kayaked for the first time along the Charles River. Kayaks could only be rented on the weekend along the Hudson so I wasn't able to in New York but I was glad that I wasn't. Kayaking at my turnaround point was a great close to the second leg. A few people commented, in a positive manner, that I was moving pretty fast.

In the Kayak

First Person View

After kayaking I went sailing for the first time. My host in Boston loves sailing and offered to take me on the river. That was a lot of fun as well. It reminded me of being on a water-park ride. The views from the water were incredible but I didn't have my camera from me as I was wisely advised that I should leave them on shore.

During this time I recorded the video that I didn't post because it was too dark then went back to the host home for dinner and preparations for the next day. Dinner was home-cooked lobster. Not better than the haddock the night prior, just different. The lobster reminded me of eating steak, consistency wise. Thus I shall refer to it henceforth as "steak of the sea."

So it seems in a city of history my exploration of was lacking but I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, for it consisted of experiences not previously known.

I realize that the writing style of this entry becomes very distinct at the end, to say the least. I shall attribute this to a fatigue induced poetic delirium.

And I ride on. . .

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  1. Love your blog !!! Thank You for what you are doing,.. Fisher House means so much to so many. Is greatly appreciated !!! I will be following you along your adventures,.

  2. Hey John,

    Glen and I enjoyed your visit. Seawitch was great! Have a safe journey home.