Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I was finally able to upload that video onto youtube. I would have just deleted it and made a new one since it was 4 or 5 days old but I really wanted that one up. you can see it on Youtube.

Heidi made a bostonandback Facebook Fanpage. It will condense the information I upload and post it there for people that dare not venture off of FB. Here is the link.

And of course if you want to donate click here.

Instead of a regular blog I will do a photoblog.

Entering Missouri

Tan lines. They were darker two days ago.

Cleaning my bike

At Lake Wappapello

The Monkey on my bike

Tornado Damage in Arkansas. This was weeks before I arrived.


  1. A few questions. 1.What happened to your forearm? 2.Is that the same monkey I got from Alex? 3.Did you take some sun block with you?

  2. posted your facebook page on the Soldiers' Angels fan page!! Good luck-stay safe out there! -Jo

  3. 1 I fell. 2 Yes 3. I have some but I still get dark.

    Thank you Jo. It might be best to post the fanpage too.