Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally online.

It is day two and I am trying to upload some blogs stuff since my internet access will be spotty until St. Louis.

Here is a rundown of what yesterday was like. Woke up at 5:30, a time I am usually just getting to sleep. Started pedaling my way to Fisher House, got there at 8 and left shortly thereafter. 1 flat in New Braunfels. Got lost in San Marcos on the back roads so I lost two hours but gained nearly 30 miles. I decided after that to stick to the access road. Surprisingly, it felt safer than the back roads at times. I dont plan to ride every access road though, I just needed to yesterday. 1 lost watch that is really awesome because it controls my IPOD. I will have to replace that when I get home. Final count was 124 miles and 13 bottles of water.

Today, my spirits are high but my legs are weak. I think I would be faring better had I slept properly the first night. I did yesterday's run with 3.5 hours sleep. If you watch the youtube video you can see the sleep in my eyes, and that was 90 minutes after waking up.

Today I leave Austin and continue northeast. I will be glad to leave Austin. As fun as it is, it has way to many hills for anyone cycling through with a loaded bike.

Oh, the first person I met that inquired about the ride was a military officer who's first question was, "What's your facebook page called?" I have been holding out but I have finally decided to set one up. Actually I already had one but I finally decided to start using it. I haven't decided a url yet but you can find me by searching for John Reyes in San Antonio, TX.

Will post an update as soon as I can.


  1. Wow,124 miles? That is amazing!! Glad to finally see your blog update. I was a bit worried. Moms do that ;) I'll replace your watch when you get home. :D Love you.

  2. I tear up just reading and watching and following.Have fun..