Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday I made a 120 mile push from Texarkana to Hot Springs, Arkansas. The reason for that was because I now have a two day break. I was initially planning on staying at Lake Catherine both days but have since decided to ride the 50 miles to Little Rock. Yes, 50 miles is still considered a day off since it is about 25 miles short of my average.

I managed to reach a KOA just before nightfall and was able to sleep in until 7:30 It has been very relaxing but now I must check out and find a bike store for some lube, tubes, a lighter lock, and a headlight to replace the one I lost on the second day.

Just wanted to extend a special thanks to the Calvin family for all their hospitality last night an for fixing my laptop. Now I should be able to blog and vlog a bit more frequently. I wish you the safest travels and the best memories on your roadtrip.



  1. John, Do you think you can post some pictures of places and people you meet? I don't think I will ever have a chance to "do anything". You did it smart. I, well, I have to live through you right now.

  2. John-
    I just recently moved from Wardensville WV to Morgantown WV to finish my Masters degree. I just today received your story via Soldiers' Angels. I have so much "family" in Wardensville still and am trying to see what kind of reception we could have for you. Wardensville is a very small town and much there closes at dark. It does not have anything in the way of fast food other than the local pizza joint and a 7-11. I've already sent your story to Wardensville to see what we can do. I look forward to being there to meet you, Thank you for what you are doing. Anyone needs to simply visit a Fisher House to understand how much it is needed. I visited the one in San Antonio in March of this year for the BBQ with Soldiers' Angels, I don't think I will ever forget that day.

  3. John,

    Hi, I just read about your bike ride from a Soldiers' Angels update. I wish you success in the bike ride and in raising money for Fisher House. What you are doing is a good thing.
    I used to cycle a lot in Austin. I only cycle a little, now. It is nice to cycle. I used to consider getting on my beautiful sky blue Trek, with white handle bars and hot pink writing, my idea of Freedom. I understand the freedom thing when cycling.
    I hope you are eating well and drinking plenty of water. I wish I would have known when you were still in Texas, so I could go support you in your endeavor. When you come back through Texas, I will do my best to come out and cheer you on, maybe I will bring my bicycle.



  4. Lisa, I will be hosting a photo page as well. Im thinking photobucket. I have to set that up soon.

    Sara, Fisher Houses are very important and I am proud to ride on their behalf. Send me an email about the Wardensville stuff when you hear back about i so I can stay on top of it too.

    Sara, Start riding again. It starts with a mile. And if you were riding in Austin already, anything else should be a piece of cake