Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Indiana has the nicest group of people I have met so far. Don't get me wrong, all the people I have met and who are hosting me are nice but Indiana has raised the bar.

When I got into Evansville (it was an 8 hour run by the way, I was tired and not thinking straight when I made the last blog) I was greeted by a few people that welcomed me into town. We had dinner and they paid for my my nights lodging. Im just waiting to receive the pictures we took.

The next day I rode out to Lincoln State Park, where I was given a personal tour of the facilities. That place was a lot of fun. There you will find a bicentennial memorial to commemorate Lincoln, the gravesites of his mother and sister, a beautiful visitor's center and a working historical farm. They also have a play that runs seasonally and sounds very cool. From what I understand, it takes place from the time Lincoln was shot to the time of his death and has flashbacks of various times in his life.

If you are wondering aout Lincoln's time in Indiana, he lived there from the ages of 7-21. It was his experiences here that formed who he was as a person.

I stayed there for the night and rolled out the next morning right into Santa Claus, Indiana. Interesting town, very cool sights to see but I had little time to spare.

If anyone is interested, a great weekend can be had by visiting Lincoln City one day and Santa Claus the next. The nation's very first amusement park is located there.

Bicentennial Memorial

Historical Farm

Lincoln Bust

Santa Claus


  1. I agree, I met some very nice people when I was in Indiana.

  2. This is Melissa from the Visitors Bureau - I ran across your blog and wanted to thank you for visiting! I'm glad you had a great time and hope you'll visit us again soon :)

  3. We're sorry to have missed you when you were here, but we've given you an online introduction to our friends and readers:

    Keep the great work!