Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In the end all is as it was

SA Sign

It is incredible how difficult it is to compose one blog when you are faced with responsibilities again. I have been back for one week and am just now able to do this. I honestly dont know what is going to come out on this one simply because I dont have hours on end to think about it.

The last week was riddled with rain and flats. Longer than that, actually. Ominous clouds followed me since I first entered Alabama and I had flats on a regular basis for the last two weeks. Its pretty bad when one refers to such things as "my daily flat."

A couple of blogs ago I said I would accomplish one more feat of strength and stupidity before my miles were met. The flats encouraged this. What happened was, I was so tired of patching up tubes that I decided to end it all. One last run in one day. Houston to San Antonio.

It was all planned out. Start at 5:00 AM, ride throughout the day, stop only when necessary, eat while riding and it would be done. So I appropriated all needed supplies: Twelve slices of stuffed-crust meat lovers for carbs and protein, a box of Zebra Cakes for sugar and a resolve to not deal with flats anymore.

Special thanks to this animal for providing the protein on the last day.
Pig Truck

The ride took 16 hours total with about 15 hours of riding. A large part of the hour off the bike was mainly dealing with a flat in the rain. The other part was shifting food around. I would tie the bag to the cargo net securing my sleeping bag and then reach back and grab a slice whenever hungry. I also rode through the rain, which added up to a couple of hours of riding.

At the end of the day I finished 3 days early and smashed my previous recored of 151 miles in one day by covering 202 miles in one day. The last two hours were in the dark. If anyone says that night-riding doesnt count because any record can be broken when you dont stop at night, know this: before the sun slept, I cleared 180 miles.


I ended the ride at Fisher House two mornings later. I was greeted by the managers, volunteer staff, a couple of Soldier's Angels, and guests of Fisher House. It was great meeting the guests because it gave a face to the cause. Many pictures were taken but no one who took any have emailed them to me. It would be great to receive the pictures of I took with the many people I met on this ride.

Now, well after the end of the ride, I am awake and the chance to dream is passed on to another. Whatever your desires, wherever your heart lies, turn aspirations to action and dreams into reality.

I dont think this is the best I have written but there is not much more to share. The one thing I have left is this:

As victorious horn heralds journey's end, I bid new friends many thanks, farewell, may we meet again.

John Reyes


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    ps: got a lot of years in San Antonio...including a few at UTSA